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Today we do different! Nothing but stories and pictures and some information:

Capital: London
Area: 130,395 km ²
Population: 50.76 million
Major Cities:

– London:

– Birmingham:

– Liverpool:

– Manchester:

Language: English (official)
Main economic activities: industry, finance, tourism and foreign trade.
Main export products: chemicals, automobiles, textiles, aircraft, metal products, machinery.
Main agricultural products produced cereals, wheat, oats, rye.
Currency: pound sterling
Climate: temperate oceanic

It is a region with beautiful hills and swamps mtos existed, but some were drained for agricultural use and livestock

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Fernando de Noronha

Belonging to the State of Pernambuco, with 21 islands and islets, an area 26 km ², Fernando de Noronha is located in the Atlantic Ocean and east of Rio Grande do Norte. It was discovered in 1500 by Gaspar de Lemos, but the first to describe – there was Amerigo Vespucci.

Its climate is very tropical with rains from January to August and a dry rest of the year, with its wettest months of March and April.Fernando de Noronha has a number of birds as exuberant as the other animals. The vegetation does not present many diversities of species, but 70% of the total area of the island is preserved by IBAMA, which was created with the objective of preserving the marine and terrestrial.

There you will find hotels and inns of the simplest to the most sophisticated of these is an example: Lindsay Pousada, Pousada Maravilha Pousada Argulhão and (the price of three nights is 3020.00).

If you want to know about other hostels and hotels, to enter this site:

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Is a European country situated in the southern Balkans and north borders with the Republic of Macedonia, with Bulgaria and Albania to the east with Turkey, the Mediterranean and south west with the Ionian Sea Which is connected to the Itália.É a developed country and Its capital is Athens, Which Has 14 880 km of coastline and a land border of 1 160 km.
80% of the Territory of Greece is mountainous, rocky and dry and 28% are arable land. Greece Prevails Western lakes and wetlands in the Mount Olympus is the highest point in the country with 2 917 m above the sea.The Greek climate is mild, wet winters with hot, dry summers and extreme temperatures Reaches But Rarely Occurs in snowfall in the mountains add invernos.Só ITS capital is 3808 km ² and a population of 3,761,810 people.

There are beautiful beaches such as:
– Navagio in the Ionian Sea:

– Vrika :

– Voutoumi:

– Lalaria:


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This beautiful city encircled by mountains and ocean on the west coast of Canada, Vancouver is considered one of the best cities to live in the world with a strong economic expansion recorded in recent times in its history. The town’s name came from the British Captain George Vancouver who explored the area in the 1790.

It is the largest metropolitan area in Western Canada, the largest in the country and the eighth largest city proper in the world. In 2006 the city had 578,000 inhabitants and now 2.1 million people (52% have a language other than English). The Port of Vancouver is the largest and busiest port in Canada and fourth in North America, where its largest source income are the timber industries and is also known as an urban center surrounded by nature, making tourism its second largest industria.Vancouver to add the third largest film production center in North America, following only behind Los Angeles and New York and his nickname is “Hollywood North”.

The Olympic Games 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games 2010 were held in Vancouver and nearby Whistler.

The weather in Vancouver in winter is the second highest average temperature of the country (behind Victoria) and summer is one of the lowest in the country, these temperatures are due to the coastal location of the city. Other cities like Toronto, Montreal has temperatures -20 ° C in winter and 35 ° C in summer, while Vancouver is more or less than -10 ° C in winter and 30 ° C in summer.

Tourism Vancouver is essential, there has several parks, beaches, gardens such as Stanley Park, lakes, mountains, resorts, not to count on several buildings and famous buildings and the European style.


Sidney is the largest, oldest and most populous city in Australia, and is one of the most attractive sights of the country.
It has created 200 years as English penal colony, with the passage of time has grown and currently houses a population of 4 million people.
It is a new country, with huge beaches and open spaces, the land of huge contrasts, tropical forests, with large deserts and snowy mountains. The mild climate allows tourists can see the city any time of year and know the island of Tasmania, which has 20 percent of tropical forests, considered World Heritage.
Being one of the most urbanized of the world, Sydney has 70 percent of residents living in neighborhoods with trees and modern city, where most of the settlers down English. English has its proper expression and the pattern is the British English, is very friendly and attentive.

Beaches Queenscliff and Manly is 2 km from sea together, have excellent waves for surfers, but well cared for! Its waves are tricky and not very good for the competitors, their waves are tested in competitions of surfing and small boats.
Remembering Sidney is the capital city of South Wales, Australia, not as some people think. In fact, the capital of Australia is Canberra.
Your time zone difference in relation to Brasilia is 13 hours and the flight takes 17 hours from Buenos Aires to Sidney, flight to transpolar. If you want to visit Sidney, take a quick look at site that offers tips on sightseeing, accommodation, reservations for hotels and restaurants.

Believe me, the tourists go to Sidney and Rio de Janeiro to watch the fireworks at the end of the year.Curiosity, this city is the sanctuary of exotic species such as Kangaroo and Koala.There, the  tourism and nature complement each other.

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Today we will visit Dubai virtually.

Located along the south coast of the Arabian Gulf Peninsula Arábica.Dubai is one of the most populous cities of today.
In 2006, conducted by Statistics Center of Dubai, the city had 1,422,000 people, including 1,073,000 men and 349,000 women.Today, with approximately 2,262,000 people.Dubai is known to be a global city adopted modern avenues, ” futuristic “and skyscrapers and wide. Copper 1287.4 kilometers ², is the second most expensive city in the region and the 20th most expensive city in the world.
It is there, which is the tallest building in the world, the Burj Dubai tower. The company responsible for building (Emaar), the building has 160 floors and 828 feet tall, is covered by 28 thousand glass panels that allow its brightness is seen to 95 miles away.

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Marrakech, Marrakech or Marrakesh is a city in southwestern Morocco, near the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. With a population of 1 036 500 inhabitants (2006), is known as the “red city”, the “Pearl of the South”, or the south gate. “

The city is the capital of the region of Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz. It has the largest market (traditional market) in the country, and one of the busiest streets of Africa, the Djemaa el Fna, which houses acrobats, water sellers, dancers, musicians and food stalls.

Like many cities in North Africa and the Middle East, Marrakech has a fortified city (the Almedina or Medina) and an adjacent modern city (called Gueliz). It is served by Menara Airport (RAK) and a rail link to Casablanca and the north.

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