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Estamos Esperando Segundas Ordens Para Poder Seguir com o Nosso Trabalho! Aguardem,  (:


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Shrek forever after


 After several adventures, Shrek has become a family man. Instead of being frightened local residents, now, the green ogre living signing autographs. But what happened to the mighty husband of Fiona? Thinking of the past, when we really felt like an ogre, Shrek sign a contract with the speaker Rumplestiltskin, which results in a tragedy. His life changes completely, he lived in a world that is the opposite of the kingdom Far Far Away, where the ogres are hunted. Moreover, he and Fiona lose their jobs, since Rumplestiltskin take their seats to become the king. Now Shrek can not undo his mistake, saving his friends, his home runs that risk and show his wife Fiona who really loves her.

Premiere: 21.5.2010 (Original) 9/7/2010 (Brazil)


Justin Timberlake (Artie – voice), Amy Sedaris (Cinderella – voice), Eddie Murphy (Donkey – voice), Mike Myers (Shrek – voice) Amy Poehler (Snow White – vocals), Maya Rudolph (Rapunzel – voice ) Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona – vocals), Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots – voice).

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Fernando de Noronha

Belonging to the State of Pernambuco, with 21 islands and islets, an area 26 km ², Fernando de Noronha is located in the Atlantic Ocean and east of Rio Grande do Norte. It was discovered in 1500 by Gaspar de Lemos, but the first to describe – there was Amerigo Vespucci.

Its climate is very tropical with rains from January to August and a dry rest of the year, with its wettest months of March and April.Fernando de Noronha has a number of birds as exuberant as the other animals. The vegetation does not present many diversities of species, but 70% of the total area of the island is preserved by IBAMA, which was created with the objective of preserving the marine and terrestrial.

There you will find hotels and inns of the simplest to the most sophisticated of these is an example: Lindsay Pousada, Pousada Maravilha Pousada Argulhão and (the price of three nights is 3020.00).

If you want to know about other hostels and hotels, to enter this site:

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Iron man 2


In the movie ‘Iron Man 2’ the world knows that the billionaire inventor Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is the armored superhero Iron Man. Under pressure from government, media and public to share their technology with the military, Tony is reluctant to divulge the secrets behind the armor of Iron Man, fearing that the information falling into the wrong hands. Pepper Potts having (Gwyneth Paltrow) and James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Don Cheadle) at his side, Tony establishing new alliances and faces powerful new forces.


* The first film about the billionaire Tony Stark has earned $ 580 million worldwide.
* The director Jon Favreau revealed he will film the sequel to ‘Iron Man’ in 3D technology.
* Favreau said he would like to see Mandarin and War Machine in the sequence.
* Don Cheadle replaces Terrence Howard in ‘Iron Man 2’. In the first film, Howard lived Colonel James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes, best friend of Tony Stark / Iron Man and future hero War Machine. Negotiations with Howard failed due to financial differences.

 Robert Downey Jr., Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, Jon Favreau, John Slattery Stan Lee.

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