After several adventures, Shrek has become a family man. Instead of being frightened local residents, now, the green ogre living signing autographs. But what happened to the mighty husband of Fiona? Thinking of the past, when we really felt like an ogre, Shrek sign a contract with the speaker Rumplestiltskin, which results in a tragedy. His life changes completely, he lived in a world that is the opposite of the kingdom Far Far Away, where the ogres are hunted. Moreover, he and Fiona lose their jobs, since Rumplestiltskin take their seats to become the king. Now Shrek can not undo his mistake, saving his friends, his home runs that risk and show his wife Fiona who really loves her.

Premiere: 21.5.2010 (Original) 9/7/2010 (Brazil)


Justin Timberlake (Artie – voice), Amy Sedaris (Cinderella – voice), Eddie Murphy (Donkey – voice), Mike Myers (Shrek – voice) Amy Poehler (Snow White – vocals), Maya Rudolph (Rapunzel – voice ) Cameron Diaz (Princess Fiona – vocals), Antonio Banderas (Puss in Boots – voice).

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