Is a European country situated in the southern Balkans and north borders with the Republic of Macedonia, with Bulgaria and Albania to the east with Turkey, the Mediterranean and south west with the Ionian Sea Which is connected to the Itália.É a developed country and Its capital is Athens, Which Has 14 880 km of coastline and a land border of 1 160 km.
80% of the Territory of Greece is mountainous, rocky and dry and 28% are arable land. Greece Prevails Western lakes and wetlands in the Mount Olympus is the highest point in the country with 2 917 m above the sea.The Greek climate is mild, wet winters with hot, dry summers and extreme temperatures Reaches But Rarely Occurs in snowfall in the mountains add invernos.Só ITS capital is 3808 km ² and a population of 3,761,810 people.

There are beautiful beaches such as:
– Navagio in the Ionian Sea:

– Vrika :

– Voutoumi:

– Lalaria:


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